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One Click, Seek All Results for You


A plugin that allows you to view search results from multiple websites with a single input

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Supports searching three sites simultaneously

Comparing different search results speeds up your information search

With SeekAll, you no longer need to switch between multiple websites. Just input your query once, click send, and view search results from multiple sites.

Supported Websites

A vast array of sites for you to use

Currently supported sites include ChatGPT, Perplexity, Devv, and more. We will continue to update and support more sites, providing custom site addition functionality.

Before After

Compact Mode

Remove ads and extra UI for a purer search experience

SeekAll makes your search experience more efficient. We provide a super portable interaction method, where one click gives you search results from multiple sites, offering you a purer search experience.

AI-driven Precision

Experience not just a search, but an intelligent assistant that evolves with your needs, always ensuring accurate and relevant information. Powered by advanced AI technology, our plugin provides unmatched precision and utility for each of your queries, making it an invaluable tool for your learning, research, and work.

Highly Acclaimed

Using technological innovation, the explosion of AI search websites, making it easier for users to find the right AI and get the information they want more efficiently

Easier to find better marketing plans!

I am a director of TikTok scripts and often need to come up with promotional videos and shooting details for products. With SeekAll, I can easily find the marketing plans I want and quickly complete my work.

Easily get the best content ideas!

I am an editor of a WeChat public account and need to write attractive tweets and ads every day. With SeekAll, I can easily find the content I need, quickly get creative copy, greatly improving my work efficiency and helping me complete daily tasks with ease.

Free to Use!

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